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  Welcome to the Official Website of Daniel Patrick Kessler, Washington D.C. Artist known for his Folk Art prints, Red Dog paintings, Whimsical Cats, Flag paintings, Geometric art, City scenes, Washington D.C. Landmarks, and Americana paintings. You can find Dan Kessler's art at the Historic Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. most weekends. To order prints call (301) 949-1943
Dan with his Signature "William Tell's Dog" created in 1993
Dan with his Signature "William Tell's Dog" created in 1993

"There is something very appealing about an artist whose work strikes a harmonic chord so effortlessly. Whether it's a small landscape of turreted red brick houses on Capitol Hill, an abstract rendering of geometric figures that look like the doodles of an engineer, or the engaging innocence of a stylized red dog, Dan Kessler's paintings seem to have that effect. They make a direct appeal to the viewers innermost sensibilities."

--Doug Greenwood, art reviewer, Europe magazine.


About the Artist:

Daniel Patrick Kessler's artistic roots began in Catholic grammar school, where nuns gave him holy cards-bright, ornate depictions of religious scenes-which caught his eye and fired his imagination. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Maryland, Kessler worked for several years in graphic arts and white house with fire worksarchitectural design before turning to painting full time in 1991. Among his major influences are modern artists Joseph Cornell, Man Ray, Robert Rauschenberg, and Gregory Gillespie; the 17th century Dutch masters; and the Italian Renaissance painters.

Today, Kessler's distinctive renderings of the Texas state flag, of a sheepish, brightly colored Red dog with an taxes feverapple on it's head, known as William Tell's dog, and of 19th century Washington homes have become a staple of his oeuvre; as recognizable in their own way as Andy Warhol's soup cans or Matisse's cutouts. Kessler's architectural pieces include five commissioned Presidential commemorative paintings of The White House; and a folk art rendition of the White House used by President Clinton and the First Lady for a 1996 Christmas card.

Kessler's work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally, and his reproductions are available worldwide. His work is also on display and available most weekends at the historic Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

dan kessler
Dan spends most of his time working in his studio.
eastern market

Original Baseball Painting - Commisioned for the New Owner of the Washinton Nationals 2007
Original Baseball Painting - Commisioned for the New Owner of the Washington Nationals 2007

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