Dan Kessler at his home in East TennesseeDaniel Patrick Kessler’s artistic roots began in Catholic grammar school, where nuns gave him holy cards – bright, ornate depictions of religious scenes – which caught his eye and fired his imagination.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Maryland, Dan worked for several years in graphic arts and architectural design before turning to painting full time in 1991. Among his major influences are modern artists Joseph Cornell, Man Ray, Robert Rauschenberg, and Gregory Gillespie; the 17th century Dutch masters; and the Italian Renaissance painters.
Dan and his wife, Olympia, in front of a selection of paintings
Today, Dan’s distinctive renderings of the Texas state flag, of a sheepish, brightly colored red dog with an apple on its head, known as William Tell’s dog, and of 19th century Washington homes have become a staple of his oeuvre. Dan’s architectural pieces include five commissioned Presidential commemorative paintings of The White House; and a folk art rendition of the White House used by President Clinton and the First Lady for a 1996 Christmas card.

Dan’s work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally, and his reproductions are available worldwide. For over 25 years, Dan’s work was on display and available most weekends at the historic Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in beautiful northeast Tennessee with his wife.